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FYI: TraInn is a nickname for our company combining the first three letters from each name!

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User Site Reviews (56 site reviews)

Review from: Deepak

My experience with was excellent. I would do another website by Transcendent Innovations in a heartbeat.

Review from: Chris B.

I have enjoyed completing your site from beginning to end. From the start I could see this site had great potential since it has a neat, custom script. I have been paid days after I have ordered (4), and the support has been nothing but excellent and fast. I thank you for your fast service, and your expertise in running a freebie site.

Review from: Bryant

Fastest free gift I've ever recieved. I finished the site in a few days, I got verifed that day, and shipped the next monday. Just recieved my iPod today via UPS. Awesome network, I'd recomend it to anyone looking to get an iPod.

Review from: Mike

great site finished it in 3 days, got my gift 8 days after that

Review from: Diana

I got my webcertificate in 4 days after I ordered it. FlashIpods4Free answered promptly to my replies, too. Thanks!

Review from: John

My offers credited quickly and I received my $100 paypal from within a week of placing my order. Top notch service. I would not hesitate to participate in a Transcendent site again.

Review from: P. Rogers

Amazing and legit experience with this company. I vastly appreciate this sites' consistency and legit ness. Thanks!

Review from: Nick

I loved receiving my $100 PayPal payment from FlashiPods4Free. The process was quick and efficient, and I had my payment within two weeks of completing my offers. Thanks!

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