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User Site Reviews (56 site reviews)

Review from: Rob

Thanks again trainn for making this Christmas better in my house this year! =)

Review from: Ben

Thanks so much for the wii! I love it! Great support and very fast shipping! Keep up the good work! You're still my favorite network!

Review from: Dan & Melissa

We are very please to announce that we received our 80GB Video iPod today!!! The item was brand new and beautiful. Also, the order process was extremely fast (10 days!!) which was much faster than we would have expected from an offer such as this. Also, we appreciate the response to the questions we did have, and that there were no strings attached to this offer. I haven't received any unsolicited email and well all around I just gotta say THANKS!

Merry Christmas!
->dan & melissa thompson

Review from:
Site: YourFree360games

I know there is no way of truly convincing you this is not just a Trainn worker just typing a testimony but all I need to know is that I exist. I tried two advertiser offers and it only took 13 days start to finish to receive Dead Rising. This site is amazing!

Review from: Jeff

THE BEST SITE EVER. Period. If my camera didn't break, I would have like a hundred pics of my brand new 4 GB Red iPod Nano. Trainn has great customer support and gives first rate shipping. Highly recommended. My entire family doubted I could pull this off, but guess what, I did! And you can too!

Review from: Venice

Thank You 3604FREE.COM! I cashed out on 12/28/2006 and I received my gift this morning on 12/29/2006. Good Job, Thank your once again!

Review from: Kevin

I have wanted an Xbox 360 for a while now, but money has been tight this year and with so many other necessities and unplanned expenses, it just hasn’t been possible. A few weeks before Christmas I heard a commercial for a free 360 website, and decided to look into it. I decided on since Transcendent Innovations seems to have one of the best (if not the best) reputations. Even so, I signed up half expecting that I wouldn’t ever see the reward – but that worst case, I would be out a few bucks and some time. I worked my way through the trial offers fairly quickly, and submitted my order for a $450 gift card on December 12th. I then received an envelope via Priority Mail with Transcendent Innovations on the return address. Not believing the gift card could actually be here already, I ran into the house and ripped it open, and out fell two $225 EBGames gift cards. Later that day I went to EBGames, and took advantage of their after-Christmas special – a premium Xbox 360, product replacement plan and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, for the same price as the system normally costs by itself. I also picked up a second controller – total out of pocket cost for all of this? $35.98. Thanks TraInn! You guys made my Christmas.

Review from: Joe

I started this website in the beginning of december and i received my ps3 on Jan. 10th. I was nervous at first about buying into something that wasn't going to work, but i was not let down. i can't thank trainn enough and i would suggest this to anyone looking to find a ps3 for a lot less than $600.00 thanks again trainn

Review from: Brent

Thanks for my nintendo wii! Thanks again, I love you Trainn!! Brent

Review from: Rogelio

I dont know where to start. When first, when i was browsing the internet for a real free gift. I was in shocked. I hear that some websites are putting scams on other people. But, as soon I hear about Transcendent Innovations, Inc and their free Wii System offer. I was suprised. So, I did their offer on getting a Free Wii system. Finally, I got a free Wii System. I am very glad that they give me a Wii System. Now, I finally have one. Thank you so much Transcendent Innovations, Inc and for your support. Thanks. Everyone should do the same, do the offers, then your Wii system will be sent to you.

Review from: Joe L.

This was the best freebie experience I have had, fast approval and fast shipping! Hopefully my friends will finally get into these freebie sites so they can help me out! Thanks Trainn!

Review from: Christine

Thank you Trainn! I signed up for a free Nintendo wii and changed my mind after I had already qualified. I sent in a support request asking to switch my gift to $250 Paypal cash on Wednesday afternoon, and when I woke up on Thursday the money was in my account! That's better service than I would expect from a retailer, not to mention a freebie site! The money was in my account even before I received the confirmation e-mail from Trainn support saying that my request was approved. I will definitely recommend Trainn sites to all my friends in the future.

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